Bikes on Buses (BOB)

Key West Department of Transportation's (KWDoT) Bikes On Buses (BOB) Program allows customers to take a bicycle on the bus by securing it onto a bicycle rack attached to the front of every city bus.  Review the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the BOB program and loading/unloading instructions.

Folding portable bicycles and folding portable electric scooters are allowed on the bus.  These compact bikes can be folded and carried alongside a rider without occupying space on the busy shuttle.

Simple Bike Loading Instructions

  1. The passenger prepares their bike by removing any detachable or loose items.  They inform the bus operator that they will be loading their bike.
  2. The passenger then squeezes, pulls on the silver latch, and pulls down the folded rack.  One hand is needed for this operation while the other (hand) grips the bike.
  3. Load the bike onto the rack from the curbside, fitting the wheels into the designated slots.  Each tire should be resting in the space.
  4. Finally, raise the support arm over the front tire to secure the bike.  The support arm should be resting on the tire itself.


  1. When departing the bus, the passenger should remind the bus operator that they are removing their bike and leaving through the front door.
  2. The passenger should raise the support arm off the tire when unloading their bike.  They should then move the support arm down and out of the way.
  3. After lifting the bike out of the rack, the passenger needs to return the rack to the upright position if there isn't another bike in the rack.