Building Height Exception

On November 4, 2014, Key West voters approved The Building Height Referendum.

Existing buildings below established flood levels will be able to exceed the height restriction on the top by the number of feet added to the bottom to elevate/construct a building to the flood level, with up to an additional four feet of freeboard. New construction may voluntary elevate above the minimum required level, and exceed the building height restriction by up to three additional feet.

Flood Zones

Buildings located within the "X" and "Shaded X" flood zones (PDF) aren’t affected by this change, because there aren’t any established flood levels in these zones and construction isn’t regulated by the floodplain ordinances.

Videos Explaining the Building Height Exception

This 8-minute animation explains the Building Height Exception. Even though it was produced before the referendum was approved, it offers another understanding of this new option.
This is a 4-minute animation explaining flood zones and cost savings associated with elevating buildings located in flood zones.

Guidelines & Agreements to the Exception