Appealing New Flood Maps

The FEMA appeals submission period is now closed.

On May 14, 2021, the City lodged a comprehensive community appeal regarding FEMA's "PreliminaryCoastal Remapping (PNG)" flood maps.  The finalization of these preliminary flood maps may span several years.

FEMA is obligated to address all "appeals" it receives within a 90-day timeframe.  Anything submitted after these 90 days will be automatically categorized as a "comment." It's important to note that only scientific data will be regarded as appeals; comments or personal beliefs, such as "My home has never flooded," will not be deemed valid by FEMA.  The results must show an overall change in the flood hazard information shown on the preliminary Fair Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and/or in the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report. 

Thumbnail image of City's online interactive overview of its pending flood map appeal to FEMA. Opens in new window

Flood Map Appeal Overview (interactive) 

An interactive overview of the City's pending appeal to FEMA's proposed new flood maps.

Zoom... pan... and swipe across these maps to view any area within the City.

Note  -  Works best with Firefox. Edge or Wave browsers.


YouTube Presentation - Flood Maps Appeal

A 23-minute video presentation using the interactive online maps above to examine the City's flood maps appeal.
Youtube example thumbnail image for link to appeal video Opens in new window