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City of Key West Filming Permit Application

  1. Filming Permit Application

  2. The City of Key West

    P.O. Box 1409

    Key West, FL  33041-1409


    All film permit applications shall be submitted 14 business days before the film prep date listed on the application.  The film permit application is subject to the City Manager's discretion if submitted in less than 14 business days, the proposed filming dates interfere with a significant special event (4th of July, etc.), or the City is under tropical weather watch or warning advisories.

  5. Max file size of 8MB please. Upload one time only when submitting several location permit applications for the same project. 

    The insured carrier must maintain an A.M. Best Insurance rating of no less than B+, and be of financial size category of V or higher.

    Applicant must hold the City harmless from any and all liability for damages arising out of, or related to, your activities in the City of Key West.

    Applicant must contact the Florida Keys & Key West Film Industry liaison Chad Newman at 1-800-345-6539 (1-800-FILM KEY).

    A Film Permit will be issued upon completion of this application, the Certificate of Insurance requirements have been received in the City Manager's Office, and the Release and Indemnification form has been signed by an authorized representative and received in the City Manager's office.

  8. (Example: Josh chases after his dog in Park).

  9. (Example: Bayview Park, Jose Marti Drive, Virginia Street sidewalk)

  10. Will you need a road closure?*

    (If yes, contact the City's Right of Way (ROW) Coordinator at (305) 809-3869).

  11. Will you need parking or parking cleared?*

    (If yes, contact the Parking Director at (305) 809-3855).

  12. Please note: Any vehicle more than twenty feet in length and seven feet in width requires a parking permit.

    • Parking fees apply.
  13. Please provide a list of equipment.

  14. Will you be using animals?*
  15. Please provide request for services from city staff.

  16. Please use this box to explain any additional requests.

  18. I, (Applicant) DBA business as (Company name) the legal entity or association on whose behalf this application is made, do hereby release the City of Key West, its officers, agents and employees from any and all liability for damages arising out of, or related to the activities for which application for leave to use the City property has been submitted; and do hereby further agree, on behalf of said entity or association, to compensate, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Key West, its officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all damages to personnel or property of the city, and against all claims for damages or injuries to other persons cost, including attorneys' fees at both trial and appellate levels, arising from the actions or omissions of the person(s) or legal entity (entities) on whose behalf the application is submitted, including, but not limited to, the sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages, or otherwise arising from the actions of their members, licenses, customers, guests, invitee, or participants in the related activities permitted.

  19. Electronic Signature*

    By checking "I agree", you agree and acknowledge your electronic signature is valid and binding in the same force and effect as a handwritten signature.


    1300 White Street

    Key West, FL 33040

    Phone: (305) 809-3944

    Fax: (305) 809-3886

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