Prohibited Activities

Prohibition of Activities Disruptive to Sea Turtles

(a) Prohibition of horseback riding, campfires, and vehicular traffic. Horseback riding and campfires shall be prohibited on nesting areas during the nesting season. Vehicular traffic shall also be prohibited on nesting areas during the nesting season except for emergency and law enforcement vehicles, vehicles permitted on the beach for marine turtle conservation or research, or vehicles used for beach cleaning in compliance with section 13-65, Standards for mechanical beach cleaning.

(b) Prohibiting storage or placement of any material in the nesting area. The storage or placement of any material such as but not limited to construction material, rip-rap, trash and debris, mulch or other organic material, landscaping material, fill, vehicles, or boats, that has potential to impede movement of hatchlings or adults between ocean and nesting areas, or that may cover existing nests or nesting sites is strictly prohibited.

(c) Development. All development shall be set back a minimum of fifty (50) feet from any area which serves as an active or potential nesting area for marine turtles. The fifty (50) foot setback will be measured from the landward toe of the most landward beach berm or from fifty (50) feet landward of mean high water (MHW), whichever results in the smaller total setback. The maximum total setback shall be one hundred (100) feet from MHW.