Emergency Management

Mission Statement:

To maintain and furthermore improve the capability to successfully work together to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all hazards related to emergencies and disasters within the City of Key West and Monroe County, Florida.

Role of the City of Key West Emergency Management:

The City of Key West Emergency Management plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and preparedness of residents, businesses, services, and government offices in the face of potential disasters.  They diligently plan and prepare for various scenarios to protect Key West's population's well-being and safeguard property and infrastructure.

During disasters like hurricanes, the Emergency Management team promptly responds by staffing the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  This allows them to coordinate and manage the city's emergency response efforts efficiently.

Collaboration is crucial to their work, as they closely cooperate with Monroe County Emergency Management, which acts as the central coordinating entity for all municipalities, private partners, and state and federal agencies during emergencies.  Together, they ensure effective coordination, response, and recovery operations.

The City of Key West is committed to proactive and comprehensive emergency management, working diligently to protect the community and enhance its resilience in the face of potential threats.