Prepare for a Storm

Re-Entry Stickers

Key West residents should obtain re-entry stickers before a storm to enable a smoother return to Key West after an evacuation.  Re-entry stickers are available at Fire Station No. 1 and the Police Department, located at 1600 North Roosevelt Boulevard, or City Hall Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, located at 1300 White Street in Key West, Florida.  Residents must provide proof of residency when obtaining a re-entry sticker.

Sign Up to receive Emergency Notifications

To receive emergency information about the weather events, sign up for CivicReady at

Now is the time for you to prepare for any possible impacts that could occur due to possible heavy rain, high winds, and possible localized flooding or storm surge.

  • Have an evacuation plan in place. 
  • Get your yard and property ready.  Trim your trees and hedges and cut shrubbery to reduce the risk of flying branches during high winds.  Clean up debris.  Have debris in trashcans by this weekend.
  • Bring inside all outdoor furniture if high winds are expected.  Secure anything else that is not tied down—secure trashcans and items that were not picked up. 
  • Make sure you have materials and tools to put up your storm shutters if high winds are expected.  Windows also can be protected with plywood.  Tape is not a suggested protective measure for windows.
  • Know how to shut off valves for gas, electricity, water, and other services in your home.  In the event of an evacuation, remember to unhook the vehicle battery on any vehicle left behind to prevent fire from storm surge.  
  • Boat owners should ensure their boats are secure, whether in the water or in a trailer.

Make a Hurricane Kit

Hurricane Kit: Put together a hurricane preparedness kit in case you lose power and/or water for at least seven days and cannot leave your home due to flooding or blocked roads.  The kit should include nonperishable food, water, batteries, candles, a flashlight, battery-powered radio, and a supply of medications.  It also should have plastic, duct tape, and a utility knife to cover broken windows.  Fix-A-Flat is also a good hurricane kit staple. 

Go-Bag: Make a hurricane preparedness to-go bag or backpack for each family member (and each pet) in case you need to evacuate.  Items include a flashlight, battery-operated radio, batteries, pocket knife, sturdy shoes, change of clothes, towels, water, food, and toiletries.  It should also include prescription glasses, hearing aids, medications, and first aid supplies.

The to-go bag should also include photos of family members and pets for re-identification purposes, a list of emergency phone numbers, a list of allergies to drugs (especially antibiotics) or food, and any special-needs items for children, seniors, or people with disabilities.

Don't forget your pets; stock up on their food and medications.

Have identification and copies of your important documents, including updated health and property insurance policies, in case you need to evacuate.

Make a family emergency communication plan.

What to do if a Traffic Signal is not operating

Traffic Signals in an emergency