Sidewalk Poetry

The Sidewalk Poetry project was initiated by the Key West Art in Public Places (AIPP) Board in 2012.  The project aims to spread appreciation for the Arts by installing winning poems on sidewalks throughout the City of Key West.  The project was adapted from a community in Minnesota that successfully implemented a Public Art sidewalk poetry project.  The AIPP Board began by issuing an open call for the submission of poems.

Review Submissions

A subcommittee of the AIPP Board formed a jury to review the over 200 entries received.  The jury chose 17 winning poems, most of which were written by Key West residents. 

Financial Donations

Additionally, the subcommittee solicited private financial donations to help support the project's cost.  Those donations were tax deductible for the donors via the City's 501(c) tax-exempt status.  The installation of the Poems on the City's sidewalks was completed by Key West Artist Craig Berube-Gray in 2015.

Poetry Locations