Art in Public Places Board

About the Board

Key West's Art in Public Places Board was created in 2000 to assist in creating public art for our residents and visitors to enjoy in public venues around our island.  In 2014, the City Commission unanimously passed an Ordinance establishing the Art in Public Places program within the Planning Department.  The 1% for Public Art is for new and renovated government facilities and Major Development Projects in private development and is managed by the appointed AIPP Board members, a Public Art Administrator. 

Mission Statement:

The AIPP Board's mission is to advise the City Commission in the selection, location, and commissioning of public art in the City of Key West, which enhances the character and identity of our island community through the aesthetic of public artworks.  Artwork will strive to educate, enhance and preserve our cultural heritage and diversity to reflect Key West's population.

Visual Presentations for Meetings:

All visual presentations for agenda items must be provided to the Clerk of the Board 24 hours before the meeting.  Meetings are open to the public and are on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Board Associations:

Art in Public Places Key West is a Member of the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals and the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network.

Recent Projects:

Truman Waterfront Park

Monstera Whisper Benches by Jim Gallucci

Birds of Paradise Playground Murals – by Marlene Koenig

Frederick Douglass Gym & Community Center

From L to R: Creating Community and Frederick Douglass by McMow Glass

Junkanoo Fantasy by JH Allen

City Hall

Enchanted Island by JH Allen

Cayo Hueso by Ralph Gilbert

Becalmed -Atlantic Ocean by Jim Salem

Speaking Volumes by Craig Berube Gray

Ramos-Lopez Pedestrian Park and Sculpture Garden

Rotating sculptures on loan by current Key West artists:

 John Martini,

 Adam Russell, 

Tim Marshall Curtis, 

Trish Pleasant

Bill Lorraine

Paolo Effio

Catfish by Paolo Effio

Ann's Girl by Bill Lorraine