Administrative Bureau

911 Mural


For many people in our community, they're nameless, faceless voices.  Some of us are lucky enough never to have to talk to them.  But when we need them, they're always there.  These voices calmly extract information from people suddenly turned upside down.  These voices ensure that help arrives quickly.  They are the unsung heroes behind all emergency responders.  These dedicated professionals are on hand twenty-four hours daily to ensure that any emergency or crisis is quickly dispatched.  Every day they calmly and professionally ensure that help is on the way.

Information Services

Information Services provides instant access to crime databases and GPS tracking in real-time and increases efficiency and patrol time by eliminating redundancy and keeping officers available on the road.  Information services also enhance crime data collection well as improves reporting.

Property & Evidence

Property and Evidence are responsible for receiving, processing, securing, and disposition of all property and Evidence taken in by the Key West Police Department.

If you wish to retrieve the property that the Key West Police Department is holding, please read the following guidelines:Current Evidence Pic 2023

We ask that you call ahead (you will need your case number) to confirm that we have your property and that it is available for release.

Please bring photo identification.

In some cases, other documentation may be required.

You may have someone else pick up your property with a notarized letter stating so.  The person picking up your property will need identification.

Please provide proof of ownership.


The Records section provides comprehensive records and reporting services for the purpose of supporting the law enforcement objectives of the Key West Police Department, other bona fide law enforcement agencies, and the general public in accordance with required Florida State Statutes.

Per Fl. Statute 705.103:

The property listed is held for 90 days. If not claimed within 90 days, the item(s) will be considered abandoned and disposed of, donated, or appropriated for City use in accordance with Florida law. 

If you are the owner of any property listed, please call to make an appointment between 8 am to 4 pm, Monday - Friday, at 305-809-1002. 

You must provide proof of ownership.