What Happens After BPAS Award

Applicants may submit other required development applications-such as major or minor development plan, conditional use, and variances-before or at the same time as a Building Permit Allocation System (BPAS) application.

Development Application Approve Before / After BPAS Application

If other development applications are approved before or during BPAS application all new residential development subject to the BPAS that has not received a Final Determination of Award will be conditioned upon such award prior to issuance of any building permits for the project. In no case will the City issue a building permit for new residential construction prior to the Final Determination of Award by the Planning Board.

Development Applications Submit After BPAS Award

Any and all necessary City development approvals and building permits must be obtained within two years of a Final Determination of Award from the BPAS. If building permits are not obtained within the two-year period, the awarded units revert back to the City. A new BPAS application would have to be submitted to restart the process.