Public Works

The City of Key West Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining over 80 miles of City streets, associated sidewalks, storm drains, street signage and lighting fixtures. Three street sweepers operate throughout the City. The 1.6 miles of Duval Street is swept 365 days per year along with sidewalk pressure washing on both sides of the street.

Lawn Care Maintenance

Public Works staff maintain the City rights-of-way cleaning approximately 2.4 million linear feet throughout the year. This does not include the Duval Street Corridor and one block in each direction. Crews also complete the following tasks:

  • Mow grass
  • Remove graffiti
  • Remove trash and debris
  • Sweep sidewalks
  • Weed


Installation of street signage and striping are safety priorities for the Department.The staff installs signs that have damaged as well as provide routine sign maintenance. Public Works also repairs potholes on City-maintained streets and cleans storm catch basins six to eight times annually and as needed during storm events.  Public Works crews paint the following:

  • Residential parking designations
  • School crossings
  • Stop bars
  • Street center lines
  • Yellow curbing

Special Events

Public Works also provides support for many special events, parades and festivals. Services include the placement and removal of barricades as well as clean up after events. Fantasy Fest requires the use of more than 1,300 barricades along the parade route. More than 150 trash cans and recycle containers were staged in the event area (this is in addition to the 130 cans that are regularly maintained in the Duval Street Corridor).

Hurricane Season

During hurricane season, Public Works prepares the City by installing hurricane shutters on City buildings and removing any potential hazards around the City. The staff remain on-call during storm events and are dispatched immediately following events to clear City rights-of-way. The Public Works Superintendent and key staff are members of the Emergency Management Team and are essential in helping prepare the City for and during storm events.

Support to Other Departments

Public Works also provides support to other City departments. The Department assists the Police and Fire Departments during emergencies such as traffic accidents, oil spills and fires; assists the Police Department with abandoned vehicles; and assists the Building Department and Code Compliance with abandoned and foreclosed homes.

Public Works staff also provides custodial services for City facilities.