Fleet Maintenance

The City of Key West Fleet Service Department is responsible for repairs and maintenance of over 300 city vehicles and equipment, including Police, Fire, and the Key West Transit buses.  Fleet Services also provides all unleaded and diesel fueling for the City fleet.  The department performs over 2000 vehicle/equipment repairs and maintenance requests per Fiscal Year.  In addition to these primary functions, all new vehicle purchases are made through the Fleet Department.


Our team works to enhance the quality of our vehicles and equipment so all departments can deliver high-quality service to our citizens.  Our goal is that all departments will be capable of higher efficiency and quality by reducing vehicle downtime.  The staff can respond 24/7 to any vehicle or equipment emergencies.  The staff includes:

  • 1 Apprentice Mechanic
  • 1 Fleet Management Administrator
  • 1 Paint and Body Specialist
  • 2 Certified Mechanics
  • 3 Fleet Vehicle Helpers
  • 3 Lead Mechanics

May 18, 2022

Fleet May 18-2022

Chief Sean Brandenburg and the entire Key West Police Department thanked John Fallon and the Fleet Services crew for their continued service.  They have seen the department through particularly tough times while vehicles all over the country are on backorder.