Monroe County Local Hazard Mitigation

  • The Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) plan identifies hazards that have (or are likely to result in) intra-county damage and disruption that could result from a hurricane or other disaster. The LMS proposes projects to mitigate those risks. The driving force of this mitigation plan is the LMS Working Group.  Comprised of a coalition of representatives from the public and private sectors of Monroe County, the LMS Working Group is tasked with the identification of these risk areas, the formulation of LMS Mitigation Initiatives, and maintaining a FEMA-approved LMS Plan.
  • Mitigation initiatives, such as stormwater systems, shuttering of government buildings, elevations of homes, hardening of government buildings, etc., are brought before the LMSWG in the form of Notices of Intent (NOI) and therein placed upon what is termed a "Preliminary Mitigation Initiative List." The projects are ranked based on the benefit to the county as a whole.
  • Municipalities or the County initiate mitigation projects as part of their capital plans. The City has obtained many FEMA Hazard Mitigation grants to reduce flooding, shutter buildings, and elevate buildings.

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