Car Free Key West

What is Car Free Key West?

Car-Free Key West is a city initiative to make it easier for residents and visitors to Bike, Walk, and use Public Transportation in the City of Key West!Bicycle Friendly Community seal Bronze 2022 through 2026 Opens in new window

Bicycle Friendly Community

In 2022, the City of Key West was awarded Bicycle Friendly Community status at the Bronze level by the League of American Bicyclists.  Read the announcement and learn more about Bicycle Friendly Communities at the LAB website.  Read the City of Key West Report Card.

Electric Bicycles and Motorized Scooters

E-bikes and motorized scooters provide a great way to get around Key West.

Overview of 3-class systems for e-bikesLocal Restrictions

Due to the often narrow and congested sidewalks in Key West, generally, the sidewalks are available only for pedestrian and non-electric bicycle use.  Exceptions to this allow for ADA compliance and usage along areas marked as "multi-use trails." To learn more, check out the Florida fact sheet from People for Bikes or watch this City workshop held March 2, 2023. You can pick up a handy trifold from City Hall or download one here.

Multi-Use Trails

(Printable Handout / Map Link)

Designated "multi-use trails" generally include a wide area where operating an electric bicycle, motorized scooter, or other micromobility device is permissible, provided that the operator yields to pedestrians and doesn't exceed 15mph.  

On-Demand Transit

On-Demand Transit began operating within the City of Key West and Stock Island on November 30, 2022.  Click here to learn more about this innovative service in the video below.

Bike Lights Giveaway

Don't get left in the dark!  Pick up a good light set at a local bike shop to find your way and stay safe.  If you need an emergency backup, pick one up for free at City Hall.

Bike Lights Giveaway


Bicycle Registration

Residents may register their bicycles with the Key West Police Department.  Registration can discourage theft and aid in recovering a lost or stolen bike.  To register your bicycle, ride to the front of the Police Station at 1604 N Roosevelt Blvd.

Crosstown Greenway Project

The Crosstown Greenway is a designated bicycle route running east and west through the center of the City.  Several enhancements were installed in 2020 as the Crosstown Greenway Pilot Project Phase I.

Bicycle Parking

Thousands of short-term bicycle parking locations across Key West are available for use by residents and visitors.  Key West also maintains several secure bicycle lockers available at no charge.  Unless otherwise posted, all public racks and lockers are temporarily available (72 hours maximum).  Bike lockers must be secured with a user-supplied U-Lock. Find them all here: Key West Bicycle Racks.

Submit a Request

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Submit a Request

Use the City's Key West Connect app to:

Public Transportation

Bus routes and real-time information are available online at Key West Transit.