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Flood Claims

Handy information for Flood Insurance Claims

Now that You've Suffered Flood Damage:


#1 Contact Your Agent or Company Representative to Report Your Loss:

Have ready—the name of your insurance company, policy number and a phone number and/or e-mail address where you can be reached. All flood insurance policies require you to give prompt written notice of loss. If you get in touch with your agent or company representative directly, they will advise you how to file your notice of claim. Otherwise, you must send a written notice to your insurance company with your policy number.

#2 Separate Your Property:

Your policy also requires you to separate damaged property from undamaged property. But don’t throw anything away before an adjuster has seen it, unless local law requires you to. In that case, take photos of the property before disposing of it and keep samples for the adjuster to see. (For example, cut out a piece of wall-to-wall carpet.) Do all you can to protect undamaged property. However, prior to signing an agreement/contract with a cleaning, remediation, or maintenance contractor, you should consult with your flood adjuster or flood insurer concerning coverage.

#3 Make a List of Damaged Contents:

If you've purchased contents coverage, make a list of damaged property. If you prepared comprehensive lists before the flood, this should be relatively easy. List the quantity of each item, a description, brand name, where purchased, its cost, model and serial number (if appropriate) and your estimate of the loss amount. Attach your bills, receipts, photos and any other documents.

#4 List Areas of Structural Damage:

As you look over your property, make a list of any areas of structural damage you want to point out to the insurance adjuster.

#5 Scan Your Documents to Thumbdrives

  • Be prepared to give the same documents to different people upwards of five times.
  • Documents scaned to thumbdrives get processed faster.

Following a disaster, personnel changes occur often and frequently. It's not unusual for new claims processors to show-up without having access to douments you may have submitted earlier. Anticipate that this may happen upwards of five times.

At night, these claims processors often return to a hotel room where they have desktop scanners and need many documents from several claims one page at a time from several claims.  If your documents are already digitalize and ready for uploading, your claim will likely get processed faster.


- For additional information download FEMA's Flood Insurance Claims Handbook [F-687].

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