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August 16, 2017

Lobster Shack Bike Parking Harpoon Harry's Bike Parking

Our wonderful Public Works team installed new bikes racks in front of the Lobster Shack on South Street (left) and on Margaret Street near Harpoon Harry's (right). In both cases the business owners identified the need and space. Last year at this time we ordered 170 bike racks consisting of the Loop on Rails and the Bike Bollard styles. We've nearly used up all those racks fulfilling requests. Just this week we placed an order for 45 5-Loop-on-Rails racks and 70 bike bollard racks for a total of 295 racks that can accommodate up to 590 bikes. The shipment should arrive during late September/early October and Public Works will begin installation after Fantasy Fest. If you know of a location that needs bicycle parking let us know. Information on how is below:

Bike ParkingBike Parking

Bicycle racks are everywhere in the city. Most of our commercial corridor in and around Duval Street has city racks. As do most city facilities including the historic seaport. Many retail/commercial businesses provide bicycle parking on their property too. When cycling, remember to please use bike racks for parking. Locking your bike to a tree, sign, lamp post, fence or someone else's property is prohibited. If you do, your bike may be removed. We do realize we need more bike parking. Everywhere. And we're working on it. So if you have a suggestion for where we need more bike parking send it along. If you're a business who'd like to help by providing bike parking perhaps we can help you. Visit the bottom of our Business page for links or contact us.

Request a Bicycle Rack

Have a great spot in need of bicycle parking? Contact us and we'll investigate with you. Contact Janet Muccino at or call 305-809-3867 or call Engineering's main line at 305-809-3700.

Abandoned Bicycles and Scooters/Injured Bike Racks

If there is an abandoned bicycle or scooter on a rack or parking spot that is taking up needed space, the City can do something about that. Abandoned scooters and bicycles can get called in to police dispatch (305) 809-1000. If a bicycle seems to be in okay working condition but obviously abandoned the Police will impound it (the impound lot is at the main station at 1604 N. Roosevelt Boulevard. If a bike is obviously abandoned with no economic value – no handle bars, missing seat and wheels, etc… then Public Works can throw it away. You can contact Public Works at (305) 809-3759.
If there's an illegally parked scooter or car on a bicycle rack you can call Police Dispatch at (305) 809-1000 or Parking Enforcement at (305) 809-3864.
If there is a broken or damaged bicycle rack you can contact Janet Muccino at or call 305-809-3867 or call Engineering's main line at 305-809-3700.

December, 2016/January, 2017

Bike Parking on Dog Beach Bike Parking on Louisa at Duval  Bike Parking on Southard at Duval

Bike Parking on Eaton at Duval Bike Parking on Duval at Butterfly Museum Bike Parking on Petronia at Duval

Bike Parking at 1125 Duval Bike Parking at 825 Duval Bike Parking on Margaret at Southard

Above are just a few example of the all the new bicycle parking being installed by the Community Services Public Works team. From left to right new parking at Dog Beach, on Louisa at Duval, on Southard at Duval, on Eaton at Duval, on Duval next to the Butterfly Museum, on Petronia at Duval, at 1125 Duval, at 825 Duval and on Margaret at Southard.

October 6, 2016

Our City's Community Services Public Works Department just received a big order of new bicycle racks like the one pictured here. Specifically we received twenty 5-Loops on Rails, five 6-Loops on Rails, five 2-Loops on Rails. five 3-Loops on Rails and 15 single bollard style racks for a total of 170 racks. Public Works will be installing these after Fantasy Fest. We are still finalizing details of where these will go, so if you have a great spot that is in need of bicycle parking please contact us.

August 8, 2016

Inverted U Bike Rack  

Typical Inverted U Loop Racks in four and two loops in above picture.

Public Works staff in the Community Services Department describes a situation where over the last five plus years, for whatever reason, not a lot of bicycle parking (Inverted U Racks on Rails and single bollards) have been purchased. At the same time the stock of existing equipment has eroded considerably. Weather in Key West from the sun, humidity and heat wears the equipment’s useful life faster than expected. In many cases, moving the Inverted U Racks on Rails for events or other re-purposing stresses them, making them more vulnerable to damage. The wear and tear of use is exacerbated by the constant shortage of parking. Cars and other vehicles crash into the racks too. The bicycle parking in Key West just gets beat up. As a result over time, the stock of adequate bicycle parking has degraded and there’s a shortage. There are no Inverted U Racks on Rails in stock at Public Works and just a few of the single bollards. Public Works estimates that through attrition over recent years there a shortage of at least 20 Inverted U Racks on Rails (5 racks/10 bikes) where there use to be parking but now there is none.

In late spring/early summer 2016 GIS staff went into the field to do an inventory of car and bicycle parking and signage along the Duval Street corridor. They found 402 loops or bollards, that should accommodate 804 bikes (two bikes for each loop or bollard) on Duval and adjacent side streets of Greene, Front, Caroline, Fleming, Southard, Eaton, Applerouth, Petronia, and Bahama. This includes 24 racks at the Simonton Fire Station 32 new racks on the new Caroline Street and 33 new racks at the Waterfront Brewery at the Bight. It doesn't yet include any racks on parallel Whitehead and Simonton Streets and the rest of the Bight. Staff intends to hit the parallel streets and do a count in the next month. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Transportation Plan, getting underway in the fall will also do an exhaustive inventory of the whole island. In the meantime, the current numbers we know of on Duval and its side streets are broken down as follows:

  • 26       5-Loops-on-Rails (10 bikes)
  • 10       4-Loops-on-Rails (8 bikes)
  • 07       3 Loops-on-Rails (6 bikes)
  • 19       2 Loops-on-Rails (4 bikes)
  • 173      Single Loop or bollard (2 bikes)

For comparison purposes there are approximately 1,300 metered car parking spaces on streets and another 650 metered spaces in City lots/garages in the immediate area. There are another 1,008 "Residential" spaces and 751 unmarked spaces on residential blocks for a total of 3,659 car parking spaces. 10+ bicycles can be parked in one car parking space.

Duval Street Study. Currently a consultant is helping the Planning Department on recommendations for Duval Street. These may include design guidelines for street furniture including bicycle racks. 

Bicycle Parking Mini-Plan - June 21, 2016

 Trio Bike Rack Emerson Bike Rack

The image on the left is a “Trio” bike rack“ and can typically be found at recent City construction projects including at the Fire Station on Simonton Street and at the Key West Bight Marina in large numbers. The image on the right is an “Emerson” bike rack and is the new standard as they are sturdier (two bolt points at bottom instead of one) and are less expensive. The “Emmerson” racks have recently been placed on Caroline Street (July, 2016) are slated to go into the new Truman Waterfront Park.

Current Purchases

The City is putting in an order for about 170 bike racks, made up mostly of 5-Loops-on-Rails and some smaller units in August, 2016 that should be here by the end of September and be ready for installation in October. Our hope is to put in another even larger order in the fall for winter delivery.

Future Years

Program for Bicycle Parking in the Budget. There needs to be an adequate program for the regular repair and replacement of existing equipment. And there needs to be a regular CIP program for additional parking to meet existing and future demands too. In addition to the bicycle parking this may also include the need for signage, paint/thermoplastic markings, delineators, and parking stops.

Identify Needs and Solutions Through Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Transportation Plan (BPMPT). Some of the deliverables contained in the BPMPT project, which will get underway in the Fall of 2016, include an inventory on bicycle parking needs and recommendations for the future. The recommendations will include locations and equipment type. They may also include upgraded or enhanced designs, event/temporary parking solutions and more.

Want to install bicycle parking and other infrastructure on your property? Here’s some resources:

Bike Parking Indoor

Arlington, Virginia has a guide designed to give architects, property manager, construction professionals and others the knowledge to design, install and maintain bicycle parking facilities and Management of Secure Bicycling Facilities 

Portland, Oregon sets the gold standard as far as providing bicycle parking in North America. There’s plenty of information here to help.

Great article on Bike Parking 101 and fantastic 2015 Essentials of Bike Parking guide from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals:

Bike Parking Article           Essentials of Bike Parking Guide 2015

Example of good bike parking and bad bike parking:


Examples of Good and Bad Bike Parking

10 Tools Pic

Article: 10 Tools To Tackle Most Any Cities Traffic and Parking Problems, July 9, 2016
#4 Bikeways Network and Bike Parking

Bike/Walk Key West’s Bicycle Parking Mini Plan – April 19, 2016

PDF Of Bicycle Parking Mini Plan

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