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Right of Way Permitting

Permitting involving the use of the City of Key West's Right-of-Way is the responsibility of the Engineering Department. Those who wish to use or make changes to the Right-of-Way must submit a permit to the Engineering Staff.

Which Application Do You Need?

Right of Way Permit Differentiations

Permanent Right-of-Way Applications are submitted for Permanent Changes to the Right of Way such as curb cuts, concrete installation, landscape installation, etc.

Temporary Right-of-Way Applications are submitted for Temporary Occupation of the Right of Way such as Maintenance of Traffic Plans, Sidewalk Closures, Road Closures, etc.

What Do I Need to Apply?

Permanent Right of Way Permit Applications

*A Permanent Right-Of-Way Application Form Filled Out Linked Here

  •                  Fill in the Front Page Section I in White ( Section II in blue will be filled out by Engineering)

                                  Make sure to include all contact info including Phone and Email

  •                  Description of Proposed Construction or Landscaping should include a detailed   

                            description of exactly what you are applying for. Should be descriptive and entail all work proposed

  •                 Sign Second Page Section III

*A Detailed Set of Plans

                     Plans should have dimensions and describe in detail, the work being performed. Plans should depict property lines, right-of-way, sizes of trees, placement, etc.

                     We should be able to look at application and know exactly what is being requested and be able to approve the work as prescribed.

                      Example of Plans Linked Here

Temporary Right of Way Permit Applications

*A Temporary Right-Of-Way Permit Application Form Linked Here

  •                   Fill out the Front Page Section I in white(Section II in blue filled out by Engineering)

                                   Make sure to include all Contact Info ( including Phone and Email)

  •                   Detailed Description of Use/work/maintenance or closure

                                   What exactly are you applying for in detail

                                            Ex: Two Metered Parking Spaces For Parking of Catering Vehicle for duration of event in front of *Address*

                                            Ex 2:Sidewalk Closure for Two Hours to administer repairs to front of building at *Address* . Maintenance of Traffic Plan attached to application.

  •                   Sign the Back Page Section III. Engineering will fill in the Fee information once Approved

*A detailed sketch or plans of work being done, what is requested. Should Include the Maintenance of Traffic Plan

                Should include  the maintenance of traffic plan. Plan should include street names, cross streets, location on the block, which spaces exactly are being requested in front of which

                residence, which signs or flagmen are being used where,crosswalks/loading zones/handicap spaces etc. We should be able to look at the plans and know what is needed and what

                  is already within the space of work.

                  Example of Maintenance of Traffic Plans Linked Here



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