The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in the Continental United States


About HARC (copy)

The Establishment of HARC

Sec. 90-126 establishes the Historic Architectural Review Commission:

The city commission finds that the preservation of the character and appearance of the historic preservation districts of the city, as well as buildings, structures, and properties listed in the local register of historic places and the National Register of Historic Places, and buildings, structures, archaeological sites, or districts classified as "contributing" or "contributing but altered" on the city historic preservation survey is a public purpose benefiting the educational, cultural, and economic welfare of the citizens of the city. The city commission further finds that this public purpose can be best achieved through a city agency having the authority and responsibility to review and regulate certain changes in such areas. The city commission hereby creates the historic architectural review commission (HARC), which shall use the power and authority conferred upon it by this Code to further such public purpose.


Certified Local Government

In 1991, the City of Key West was added as a Certified Local Government (CLG) to the State of Florida. The CLG Program was enacted as part of the National Historic Preservation Act Amendments of 1980. The program links three levels of government - federal, state and local - into a preservation partnership for the identification, evaluation and protection of historic properties. Designation as a certified local government, either as a municipality or a county, makes historic preservation a public policy through passage of a historic preservation ordinance. The ordinance establishes a historic preservation board to develop and oversee the functions of its historic preservation program.

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