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1. What is a Right-Of-Way? Why do I need a permit?
2. Who is working on our streets?
3. Do you coordinate the work?
4. Which roads are the County's and the State's responsibility?
5. Who do I call with storm drain problems, comments, or questions?
6. Why do street drains flood every time it rains?
7. My neighbor directs storm run-off to my property. What can I do?
8. When will the City come to clean out the plugged street drain?
9. There is a storm drainage assessment on my property tax statement. If there is no inlet on my street, why do I pay this fee?
10. Why did I get a Sidewalk Repair Notice?
11. What is a sidewalk hazard?
12. How do I get sidewalk repairs made?
13. Does a property owner need a permit to complete sidewalk repairs?
14. How does the City determine where curb ramps will be installed?
15. Where can contractors get information to bid on city sidewalk repair work?
16. How do I get permission to plant or remove a street tree?
17. Do I need a permit to put a dumpster in front of my house or business?