The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in the Continental United States


Senior Citizens Resources

Housing Authority of the City of Key West

Reduced Bus Fare Eligibility 

1400 Kennedy Drive

Senior Citizen / Disability Discount

Key West FL

Monroe County Senior Center (Key West)

Ph. (305) 296-5621 1016 Georgia Street
Key West, FL 33040
Website: Phone: (305) 295-5165

Safety Precautions for Senior Citizens

Crime is a frightening problem, especially for senior citizens. You may be worried about: burglary, fraud, muggings, purse snatchings. But as a senior citizen, you don't have to feel helpless! You can learn how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

You don't necessarily need:

  • Physical strength
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Expensive security devices.

You do need to be:

  • Alert
  • Cautious
  • Self-confident

While at home, consider these tips:

  • Keep doors locked.
  • Install and use a peephole.
  • Consider a pet.
  • Protect valuables by keeping money in a bank, having your Social Security or pension check deposited directly into your account, etc...
  • Beware of phone scams.
  • Find out about alarm systems.
  • Organize a buddy system.

When you go out:

  • Secure your home.
  • Secure your wallet.
  • Plan your route.
  • Take care with your purse.
  • Go with a friend.