The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in the Continental United States



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Where can I get a bus schedule?
Bus schedules may be downloaded directly from the City of Key West website or at They may also be picked up from KWDoT at 5701College Road or Revenue Dept. at City Hall, 1300 White Street, Key West, FL 33040. On the mobile website, the bus schedule link is located at the bottom of the home screen. Bus schedules may also be requested from any City of Key West bus driver and are available at the Chambers of Commerce, area hotels, and many other retail outlets.
Are pets allowed on the bus?
Small pets are allowed on all buses provided they are in an animal carrier. Service animals are allowed on all buses and are the responsibility of the owner.
Where is the bus stop for the Park N Ride (Old Town Garage)?
The bus stop to head downtown is located across Caroline Street from the garage in front of West Marine. The bus stop to head outbound (shopping centers and Stock Island) is on Caroline Street by the tour bus parking lot right next to the garage.
Is the "free duval loop" bus, free for everyone or only people who park in a city lot? If I park in the "park-n-ride" old town parking garage, does it allow my family to use any city bus for free? Thank you.
Yes the Duval Loop bus is free for everyone. As for the other City bus routes, just tear the small portion off of the end of your parking receipt. Carry it around with you and show it to the bus driver and everyone in your vehicle can ride the bus for free. This includes the four City bus routes, blue, green, red, and orange. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest in Key West Transit.
May I carry luggage on the bus from key west to marathon and back in January 2019
Please refer to the Rules of Operation #14 One (1) carry on item per passenger allowed; size not to exceed 18” X 36” X 16” (lap size) and may be held in the passenger’s lap or secured at the front of the bus in designated stowage areas based on availability, or under the passenger seat. NO ITEMS ALLOWED IN AISLE.
I need to ride the Lower Keys Shuttle to Big Pine Key this Saturday (9/15). I'm trying to figure out where to pick it up. I will be arriving on the Key West Express ferry around noon (I'm assuming). It looks like I can pick up the bus at Caroline & Grinnell #3818 if I get in early enough. If the ferry arrives later, I'll go hang out on Duval Street and pick up the shuttle at Caroline & Duval #3821 but will I need to exit the bus and pay another fare at Whitehead & Eaton #2293 to go northbound at Stop #3936? Or should I just walk to Whitehead & Eaton and start the route for Stop #3936 northbound?
You may board the Lower Keys Shuttle at any of the mentioned bus stops and only pay the fare one time. If you wish to board at Caroline & Duval at 2:44 pm, we suggest that you wait until the next scheduled time of 2:54 pm. There is a driver shift change during this time period. The 2:54 pm bus will continue to Big Pine uninterrupted. The bus travels in a counter clockwise direction around the entire island and does not end at Whitehead & Eaton, except at 2:46 pm for shift change. This is the only time of day that you would have to exit the bus and wait for the next bus, however, even then you would not have to pay the fare again.
Results 1-6 of 6