The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


City Landmark Closures

In accordance with the recommendations made by the President of the United States to reduce gatherings of ten people or more, the City of Key West will be closing prominent City landmarks.

The City will be restricting access to City-owned properties which generally attract social gatherings in groups of more than ten people, beginning Tuesday. This includes:  Mallory Square during the traditional Sunset Celebration hours, the Southernmost Point, and Smathers Beach will be closed.

The closures will be reevaluated on a daily basis.

The City strongly recommends that all facilities that attract gatherings of ten our more people voluntarily consider similar restrictions.

“We understand that this creates a burden on both our residents and our visitors,” said City Manager Greg Veliz, “but it’s vital that we work together to protect public safety during this health emergency. The sooner these measures are enacted, the quicker we can get back to business as usual.”

The City is also evaluating procedures to limit the gathering of individuals at Tuesday’s special City Commission meeting while still allowing public input.