The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


Monica Haskell Receives Commendation

Mayor Teri Johnston and Commissioner Gregory Davila, during Wednesday’s City Commission meeting, commended Monica Haskell for her dedication and service to the City of Key West.

Vice Mayor Sam Kaufman presented the commendation, as Mayor Johnston was out of town.

Commissioner Tony Yaniz first appointment Haskell to the Sustainability Board in 2012. Since then two succeeding city commissioners saw fit to reappoint Haskell: Commissioner Richard Payne, and now Commissioner Greg Davila following his election in 2018.

“Sustainability issues never go away,” reads the commendation. “So many public and private actions contribute to the overall good, or the lack of it. Key West’s quality of life, ecology and economy are inextricably linked.

“Mrs. Haskell has stated she will continue to support the board and its work 100 percent as a member of the public.”


In the photo: Commissioners and the entire Haskell clan joined Monika Haskell at the podium as she received her commendation