The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


Community Planning Month

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston, during a recent City Commission meeting, proclaimed October as Community Planning Month.

“Community planning provides an opportunity for all residents to be equally involved in making choices that determine the shared-vision of their neighborhoods,” reads the proclamation, “The full benefits of planning require public officials and citizens who understand, support, and demand excellence in planning and plan implementation.”

The recognition, said Mayor Johnston in the proclamation, “gives us the opportunity to publicly recognize the participation and dedication of the members of planning boards and other citizen planners who have contributed their time and expertise to the improvement of the City of Key West.”

“Thank you for honoring our profession,” said Planning Director Roy Bishop. “We are very proud to work for the City of Key West.”

planning month

In the photo: Commissioners Gregory Davila and Jimmy Weekley, HARC Planner Enid Torregrosa, Planner Vanessa Sellers, Mayor Teri Johnston, Planning Director Roy Bishop, Commissioner Sam Kaufman, Planner Angela Budde, Commissioners Clayton Lopez, Planner Melissa Paul, Commissioner Billy Wardlow, and Planner Kathleen McDonald.