The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


Women's Equality Day


Mayor Teri Johnston and the entire City Commission have proclaimed today Women’s Equality Day. In the proclamation, made at last week’s City Commission meeting, it is noted that the women of the United States have historically been treated as second-class citizens, both through legally supported systemic injustices and through unlawful activity, and have often been denied the full rights and privileges, public or private, legal or institutional, which are available to male citizens of the United States.

The women of the United States, with diverse histories and varying degrees of struggles, have united to assure that these rights and privileges are available to ALL citizens equally.

August 26th marks the anniversary date of the certification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which culminated a 72-year, non-violent campaign to extend the right to vote to women, as a symbol of the continued fight for equal rights.

“ Now, therefore, be it resolved, that I, Mayor Teri Johnston and the entire City Commission do recognize the commemoration of that day in 1920 on which the women of America won their right to vote as an opportunity to continue to work for equal rights for ALL citizens, especially the most marginalized and oppressed among us, designating Women’s Equality Day.”