The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


Avael Honored

The City of Key West and the City Commission this week paid tribute to former City Manager Julio Avael, who passed away last weekend. The commission issued a posthumous commendation that reads as follows:

“Julio Avael, Jr. devoted over a decade of his life to serving the citizens of the City of Key West in the capacity of City Manager. During his time of employment, he achieved unprecedented results and propelled the City of Key West forward in a positive and productive manner. The effects of which are still being built upon today.

“Under Julio’s management the city acquired the Truman Waterfront property from the Navy and implemented a performance rating system for City employees. He championed projects such as the Key West Ambassadors Program which encouraged the citizens of Key West to be actively engaged in the community in which they live and to understand the inner workings of local government. He was a leader in the efforts of bringing affordable housing to the community and made a major step toward that vision with overseeing the conversion of the Navy housing at Poinciana Plaza to what currently serves as workforce and affordable housing for the people of Key West. No task was ever too cumbersome when it came to the success of the City of Key West. So much so that Julio even served as the Acting Chief of Police when the need presented itself.

“Mr. Avael made measurable improvements in quality of near shore marine ecosystems, affordable housing, hurricane safety, coordinated transportation, bicycles and pedestrians, the Key West Port and historic preservation. He was a visionary, not afraid to be progressive in order to move the city forward. He was highly skilled and extremely successful. Yet, he was respectful of his employees and encouraged them to express ideas and concerns, whether it be from department directors or entry level staff. 

“Julio Avael, Jr. was an extraordinary example of dedication, determination and gumption for those who serve the City of Key West in any capacity. In his 11 years serving as City Manager, he led by example, he implemented change and he made a real and measurable difference to his community.

“The Key West City Commission and The City of Key West are thankful for his unwavering service, commitment and dedication to the people of our community as Key West City Manager. We are privileged in that he chose to contribute to the history of the City of Key West and leaves behind examples of integrity, determination, commitment, brotherhood and pride for our Southernmost City.”

City Clerk Cheri Smith accepted the commendation on behalf of the Avael family.


In the attached photo: City Commissioner Gregory Davila, Mary Lou Hoover and Jimmy Weekley, City Clerk Cheri Smith, Mayor Teri Johnston, Commissioners Sam Kaufman, Clayton Lopez and Billy Wardlow.