The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


Pick up Your Cones

The City of Key West wants to remind residents aware that they cannot block off parts of the public right of way for private parking. Now that season is getting into full swing, City officials have received complaints that some residents are posting signs or even using cones and barricades to reserve parking spaces along the city streets. The right of way is public property, and cannot be marked with private "No Parking," "No Trespassing," or other signs. Nor can this area be blocked with cones or other obstructions.

The City's Code Compliance and Parking Enforcement officers will be addressing this illegal use citywide in the coming weeks. Anyone who has tried to reserve city right of way for private use is warned to take down the signs or remove the blockage immediately. Cones or other illegal blockades will be removed.