The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


Storm Debris Removal Notice

Key West residents and business owners are reminded that all storm related debris needs to be set out as quickly as possible. Debris collection is in high gear to clear the roadways and sidewalks as quickly as possible as residents return to work and school begins again.

Please be sure to separate vegetative debris from appliances and building debris. Household garbage must be put in trash collection bins for regular pickup.

Debris removal is key to getting Key West up and running again. The City is providing free storm-related debris removal in conjunction with hurricane recover. However, this service will end soon, and a delay may mean that residents and business owners will have to schedule pickups and pay fees.

Please get storm related debris out immediately, and be sure to keep it clear of fire hydrants and power poles. People are reminded that this debris collection is for storm-related debris only.