The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


KWPD Explorers Honored

The Key West Police Department recognized the outstanding accomplishments of the graduating Key West High School students whose participation and dedication to the Explorer program has been exemplary.

Explorer Ralph Val was presented with a plaque and a medallion in recognition of his commitment, efforts and dedication to the Key West Police Explorers. Val’s ability to make everyone laugh, even during difficult times, will be missed. The Department thanks him for his outstanding service.  He is also the recipient of the Tenure Ribbon for completing one year of satisfactory service to the program.

Explorer Captain Catherine Barnes was recognized for her valuable time, dedication, and commitment to the Key West Police Explorers. Barnes proved to be a leader amongst her peers by helping others develop their skills, self-esteem and respect. She is also the recipient of the Tenure Ribbon.

Explorer Lieutenant Brian Kelch was recognized for his dedication, valuable time and commitment to the Key West Police Explorers. His positive attitude helped create a good learning environment. He exemplify the Department’s core values of Respect, Integrity, Fairness and Service. He is also the recipient of the Tenure Ribbon and the Perfect Attendance Ribbon.

The Key West Police Explorers is a youth program that educates its members on police operations. The purpose of the program is to further the knowledge and understanding of law enforcement through training, to provide an insight into all phases of law enforcement as a possible profession and to bestow a better understanding of our community. The program is designed to build desirable qualities help them develop their self-esteem and instill discipline, trust and respect. Community involvement is a big part of the program together the three Explorer graduates have accumulated 450 hours of community service. In addition they have over 60 hours of law enforcement training in topics such as patrol procedures, criminal law, criminal investigations arrest and search procedures. 


In the photo: Chief Donie Lee, Explorers Ralph Val, Brian Kelch and Catherine Barnes, and Officer Deglys Chavarria, who leads the Explorer Program.