The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


Crime Rate Drops

The Key West Police Department’s end of year report to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement shows overall crime dropped by 8.3 percent in 2014. The most dramatic drop was a reduction in burglaries, which dropped by 13 percent over 2013. In 2014 there were 229 burglaries, compares to the 264 in 2013.

Each year the Key West Police Department reports its crime statistics to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. These statistics are compiled for the entire state by the FDLE in its Uniform Crime Reporting system.

Interestingly, of the 229 burglaries in 2014, 165 of them showed no evidence of forced entry. Just 45 of them were forced entries.

“I’m happy with the fact that crime dropped by over 8 percent last year,” said Police Chief Donie Lee, “but I think we, as a community, could do better. I’m convinced a lot of these burglaries could have been be prevented. We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the fact that a simple locked door could have prevented many of these burglaries.”

Among other statistics reported:
• There were three more robberies in 2014, 40 compared to 37 in 2013.
• Aggravated assaults went up as well: 141 in 2014 compared to 122 in 2013.
• Incidents of rape dropped from 20 in 2013 to 15 in 2014.
• Thefts from vehicles were also down, from 139 in 2013 to 101 in 2014.
• There have been no murders in Key West since the single murder in 2012.

The Police Department’s community policing initiative plays a vital role in opening channels of communications between the residents and their police department, says Lee. The community plays a vital role in helping keep crime down.

“Our officers are working in partnership with the community, working to stop crime before it happens,” he said. “That partnership is also instrumental in helping solve crimes.”

The report shows that the Department’s clearance rate –the rate of cases closed – is up slightly, at 22 percent.