The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


BPAS Recovered Units, Penalties, and Enforcement

Recovered Units

  • Building permits must be issued within two (2) years of the Final Determination of Award by the Planning Board.
  • If building permits for construction are not issued, the awarded units will revert back to the City as a Recovered Unit for award during the next BPAS Award Year.
  • If the Recovered Units are not awarded within the next BPAS Award Year, the Recovered Units will be returned to the DEO for redistribution.

Penalties and Enforcement

  • If a project fails to achieve the Green Building Standard Certification as purported in the BPAS application for which the award was granted, a final Certificate of Occupancy will not be awarded until such time the applicant is able to achieve the Green Building Standard.
  • All applicants for BPAS must sign affidavits attesting that all proposed BPAS points will be implemented, including the intended level of green building certification.