The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in th Continental United States


COVID-19 Update


  • Monroe County issued emergency directive 20-09 that reopens the Florida Keys to visitors beginning Monday, June 1.
  • The directive also includes orders for the two traffic checkpoints on roads connecting mainland South Florida and the Keys to be discontinued. In addition, it directs a relaxing of airports’ health screenings except for Florida-mandated checks of passengers on nonstop flights from designated “hotspot” states.
  • The directive further elaborates that "lodging establishments are encouraged to limit occupancy to 50 percent capacity through June 15, 2020."
  • The full directive can be viewed on the Monroe County website.

Florida Governor Order

  • A new Executive Order 20-139 signed by Governor DeSantis on June 3, outlines Phase Two of Florida's Recovery plan.
  • Non-essential businesses such as recreational spaces, parks, beaches and restaurants began to open on May 4th in accordance with the Governor's Order Executive Order 20-112.
  • Governor Ron DeSantis issued a safer at home order directing people to be out only for essential services. A frequently asked questions document relating to Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order 20-91 is available.

Local State of Emergency Directives

  • Sightseeing vehicles may operate under Directive 2020-14, which outlines guidelines.
  • Directive 2020-13 addresses group gatherings, patron screenings for businesses and mask wearing.
  • A Local State of Emergency has been extended through May 31st. 
  • The City issued Directive 2020-11 that outlines guidelines for charter  and dive boats as well as other commercial recreational rentals.
  • Directive 2020-12 outlines specifics for gyms and fitness centers reopening.
  • The City of Key West has issued Directive 2020-10, which provides clear guidelines for the resumption of public transportation.
  • The City issued Directive 2020-09 which allows, under strict guidelines, the opening of some personal service providers such as barbers and salons.
  • In addition to the Governor's requirements in Executive Order 20-112, Directive 2020-07 outlines additional requirements for individuals and businesses, effective May 4, 2020.
  • Directive 2020-08 outlines recreational facilities reopening under specified conditions, effective May 4, 2020.
  • Some City recreational spaces, parks, and beaches have been reopened. A new directive that goes into effect May 4, 2020 outlines the parameters.
  • In the interest of public safety, economic stability and long-term recovery, The City of Key West on Sunday issued State of Local Emergency 2020-05, which implements additional protective measures for essential businesses and separation requirements for individuals diagnosed or reasonably believed to be infected with COVID-19. Details of the directive require masks and sanitation in essential businesses.
  • The City of Key West remains under a State of Local Emergency. All previous directives remain in effect.

Reduce Social Contact

In the interest of public safety, economic stability and long-term recovery, all individuals should reduce social contact to the greatest degree possible by limiting their travel for essential services.

Key West Transit

  • The City of Key West has issued Directive 2020-10, which provides clear guidelines for the resumption of public transportation.
  • Passengers must maintain at least one seat of distance between them. Passengers must be seated, and shall avoid sitting within six feet of the bus driver as delineated by floor markings.
  • Everyone is required to wear facial coverings, which, as in prior directives, can include masks, face shields, gaiters, homemade masks or cloth coverings such as scarves or bandanas.
  • Public health and safety are of utmost concern. City officials ask that citizens limit bus rides to only essential trips, such as medical needs, groceries, meals and work. 
  • Routes may be changed somewhat from what they were before the current state of emergency. Routes will be available on the buses or at

Non-Essential Businesses

  • Gyms and fitness centers have been permitted to reopen as per Directive 2020-12
  • Personal Services such as hair/nail salons and barbers have been reopened. Directive 2020-09 outlines the guidelines.
  • Some non-essential businesses remain closed such as bars and nightclubs.
  • Recreational spaces, parks, and beaches have been reopened. Directive 2020-06  went into effect and outlines the parameters.

Essential Businesses

Essential businesses continue to operate, including grocery stores and gas stations. Restaurants are required to follow Directive 2020-07


KOTS continues 24-hour operations, offering three meals a day on-site.

Monroe County COVID-19 Cases

The Florida Health Department Monroe County has confirmed 110 cases of COVID-19 in Monroe County. The Health Department now reports four deaths from COVID-19 in Monroe County.  

City Business

Access will be limited: Anyone wishing to enter the building will be temperature screened and required to wear a face mask. Social distance parameters will be clearly marked, and only five people at a time will be allowed inside the building. Entrance will be limited to the service desk at back side of City Hall, off United Street.

Building Permits

• Contact
• Find the eTrakit instructions on the City’s website under the building department
• Submit electronically at:
• Walk through Wednesdays have been temporarily suspended.

Parking Issues

• Pay tickets online via the City’s website at
• To report a parking violation, call 305-809-1000
• Questions, call 305-809-3855 or the hotline at 305-809-1101

Updated Information and Hotlines

  • Please stay tuned to the City’s live streaming online or on Comcast Channel 77 and AT&T Channel 99
  • The City has established a hotline that is staffed 8:00AM to 8:00PM: 305-809-1101
  • The Florida Department of Health has established a 24/7 information hotline: 1-866-779-6121
  • For up-to-date information on the status of Monroe County and COVID-19:

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Grab and Go Lunches

  • FREE grab and go breakfast and lunch during the school closure.
  • Meal service time is 11 am to noon Monday through Friday.
  • Distribution points in Key West are Gerald Adams Elementary, Horace O’ Bryant School, and Key West High School.
  • Meals are available to all children 18 and younger.