The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in the Continental United States


Links and Information for Bicyclists

Preventing Bicycle Theft

Request a Bicycle Rack

Have a great spot in need of bicycle parking? Contact Janet Muccino at or call 305-809-3867.

Abandoned Bicycles and Scooters/Injured Bike Racks

If there is an abandoned bicycle or scooter on a rack or parking spot, you can contact the City of Key West Police Department at (305) 809-1000. If a bicycle seems to be in working condition but appears abandoned, the Police will impound it. If a bicycle appears unusable and abandoned, the City of Key West Public Works Department (305) 809-3759 can dispose of it. 
For an illegally parked scooter on a bicycle rack, you can contact the Police Department at (305) 809-1000 or Parking Enforcement at (305) 809-3864.
If a bicycle rack is broken or damaged, you can contact Janet Muccino at or (305) 809-3867.