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Domestic Partnership Registration

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Domestic Partners are two adults who have chosen to declare themselves to be part of and share in a committed, loving and supportive relationship with each other. You will receive a Certificate of Domestic Partnership that some entities may accept as proof of a domestic partnership for such things as health insurance, banking needs and medical situations.
To apply, both applicants must appear together at the City Clerk's office and declaire, under penalty of perjury, that you fulfill all the following requirements:
1. Applicants are at least 18 years old and competent to contract.
2. Applicants are not married to or a member of another registered domestic partnership or civil union with anyone other than the co-applicant.
3. Applicants agree to share the common necessities of life and to be responsible for each other's welfare.
4. Applicants share the primary residence with each other.
5. Applicants are considered to be members of each other's immediate family.
6. Applicants agree to notify the City Clerk's Office, in writing, of any change in the status of the Registered Domestic Partnership.

7. Applicants agree to mutually support the other by contributing in some fashion, not necessarily equally, to maintain and support the Registered Domestic Partnership.

To establish a Domestic Partnership, two people shall sign a Declaration of Domestic Partnership in the presence of the City Clerk.
Additonally, applicants must submit at least one form each as proof that they are in a domestic partnership.
Any of the following forms of proof are acceptable:  Drivers Licenses listing the same address
Common Household Expenses                      Joint Wills                                   Joint Bank Account     
    Utility bills with both names              Copy of will(s) showing the other             Checking or Savings Account
                                                         as beneficiary and/or executor                  
Joint Vehicle Ownership                          Joint Credit Card                      Joint Ownership of Residence
   Title with both names                        Statement with both names                   Deed, Lease or Mortgage
A Domestic Partnership is terminated when:
1. One of the partners has passed away.
2. A Domestic Partner files for a termination of the domestic partnership with the City Clerk, by hand or certified mail or registered mail.
The fee for filing a Declaration of Domestic Partnership is $50.00.
The fee for filing a Termination of Domestic Partnership is $25.00
The fee for filing an Amendment to the Declaration of Domestic Partnership is $25.00
Please call the City Clerk's Office for information or to schedule an appointment at (305)-809-3831.