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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Parking Permit FAQ

Where can I park with the Residential Permit?

  • Any of the marked "Residential" spaces in the Historic District. Additionally, vehicles displaying a valid Residential Permit decal can park for free up to 4 hours – once per day- at the following locations: Old Town Garage (aka Park ‘n’ Ride), Main Lot at Key West Bight in the 800 block of Caroline Street, Fire Station Lot in the 600 block of Simonton Street, Smather’s Beach and Truman Waterfront Park (except during events). You must enter your permit number in the pay station and display your receipt on your dashboard near the permit decal to receive the 4-hour credit.

My street has some spaces marked "Residential" and some that are not marked. Can I park in the unmarked spaces with the Residential decal too?

  • Yes, the unmarked spaces are available to everyone.

What proof of eligibility do I need to bring to apply for the permit?

  • Valid Driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of residency. For proof of residency, we accept residential lease, warranty deed, Voter’s ID, Utility bill in your name and address, real estate tax bill, etc..

How much does the permit decal cost?

  • $20.00 per year. We accept all methods of payments. No discounts apply.

My car is registered in someone else’s name (for example: my parent’s or my wife’s or business) can I register it for the residential parking program?

  • Yes, but you must be listed as an insured driver on the vehicle’s insurance and meet eligibility requirements.

My car is not registered in Florida, (or Driver’s License is from another state) can I apply for the permit?

  • Yes, if the documents are valid, and you meet the eligibility requirements.

I lease my vehicle, can I get a residential decal?

  • Yes, bring your lease contract with to verify you are the lessee and you must meet eligibility requirements.

My mailing address says Key West, but I live up the Keys, can I get a Residential Permit?

  • No, to qualify under the residency category you must live within the City Limits.

I bought a permit decal but am now moving out of town, can I get a refund?

  • No, the $20.00 fee is to cover the cost of issuing the decal. It cannot be prorated, refunded, or transferred.

I have a handicap placard or plate, do I need a residential decal?

  • Yes, a handicap placard by Florida State Statute allows vehicles transporting a disabled person to park in a handicap space and park at municipal metered areas for 4 hours without paying. All other parking regulations need to be observed including "residential" permits. If you do not otherwise qualify for the Residential Permit, the handicap placard or plate does not qualify you.

If I have a Residential Parking Decal, do I have to move my vehicle every 3 days?

  • Yes. No vehicle may be parked on the street for more than 72 hours without moving per City Ordinance. For long term storage, check the Park n Ride (300 Grinnell) or private parking lot offering long term storage.

Can I purchase a Residential Parking Permit for my boat?

  • No. Boat and boat trailers, RV’s and oversized vehicles – vehicles over 20 feet in length - cannot park on City streets or in City managed lots.

I have more than one vehicle, can I register them all?

  • Yes, if you are eligible under one of the listed categories you may list all vehicles registered to you.

I have a moped/scooter/motorcycle, do I need a decal?

  • No, moped/scooter/motorcycles are exempt and can park in residential spaces at this time. However, no rental moped/scooter/motorcycle is eligible to park in "residential" spaces.

I bought a Residential permit in June, is it valid until next June?

  • No, all permits expire in October regardless of when it was purchased.

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