The City of Key West, Florida

The Southernmost City in the Continental United States


eTRAKIT Instructions

New: Payment Only Telephone Line:  305-809-3738

Online Electronic Permit Submissions Only

Walk-in Applications Temporarily Suspended

Building Closed - Staff Still Working, some remotely

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Electronic submissions are now required and is the only means to submit permit applications. In-person meetings are being deferred to telephone calls or digital conferences. 

Hardcopy plans are no longer required, so long as they have been signed & stamped by a licensed design professional and those stamps are visible. Digital flood certificates will be accepted if they are sent directly to the City from the Surveyor and the seal is visible. 

Permitting Submissions:

New Electronic Permit Application Process:

  • Digital online permit application are now required. In-person submissions temporarily suspended.
  • Submit Building Permit Applications using the City's eTraKiT website.
    • Ignore the fee amounts; the Permit Tech's will apply the appropriate fees upon their review.

    • Don't send sensitive credit card info via e-mail. (We'll call you later for the credit card info.)

    • Attaching Files - Very Important
      • To expedite processing, it's essential the file names describe their contents. For example:
        • Plans or Revised Plans
        • Survey
        • Property Card
        • "Elevation Certificate.pdf" or "Building Height Certificate.pdf" or "Flood Certificates.pdf"
        • DO NOT alter file extensions (.PDF DOCX. etc.)  This can render the file unusable.
      • If the intake staff has to open and review each attachment to determine what it is, this will delay processing of your applications.

Prior to entering your first online application, please search for the step-by-step instructions on the eTRAKiT portal.

We respectfully ask for your patience with us as we work to improve this new system. Be assured that we are determined to provide the level of service you that have a right to expect. It's going to take a little time for everyone, including our staff, to adjust to this new process.

Permit Applications Already being Reviewed:

  • All updates are now required to be submitted online.
  • Additional submissions may be directly attached online to applications via the existing eTRAKIT system.
    • However, presently the system doesn't notify us when you've added a new attachment. Please follow-up with an e-mail message to let us know that you've uploaded new documents.
    • Send to
    • In subject line state "Permit #" "Address"
    • In the email message, please include descriptions of the added files.
  • Be sure to include the Additional Information/Clarification Form
  • Name your attachments appropriately - Gets your attachments processed/reviewed faster...
    • Plans.pdf
    • Survey.pdf
    • Property Card.pdf
    • Revision.pdf
    • etc.

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