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Green Business Challenge

 Are You Ready to take the Green Business Challenge?

The City of Key West is continuing to help its community go green by rolling out the Florida Keys Green Business Certification. It's online and it's easy!

If you have a business, pledge to become Florida Keys Green Certified.

Read the steps below and get started!

How Does It Work?

After enrolling, businesses complete an assessment by checking off green practices that they are already doing. Based on their type and size of business, the program will then show the best new steps for their business to achieve Certification. Once they’ve achieved enough points, City staff will come verify the points and award the business with the PR package which includes a press release and listing on the Green Business Map.

Florida Keys Green Business Certification How To:

  1. Go to
  2. Use promo code keywest10 and register your business.  If you don’t use the promo code, the pricing will be drastically different…
  3. Your Login and temporary password will be emailed the next day. *watch your junk mail.
  4. Login and go through your “assessment”, checking off things you already are doing.
  5. Once your assessment is complete, call us to receive your Green Business Pending sticker: 305-809-3726
  6. Put your Green Business Sticker Up wherever you want it seen.
  7. Decide what tier/points level of Certification you want (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  8. Call for a Check Out: When you have completed the actions to achieve the Tier/ Points level you want, call our office for a walk through: 305-809-3726
  9. Receive your Promo Package: Upon verification, you will receive your Certification sticker(s) to upgrade your window, as well as digital versions of the logo and a press release package to help us share your story. We’ll also put you on the Green Business Map!
  10. Use Your Promo Package: update your website, menu’s etc with your green info! If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to email: 

Pricing: 1-9 employees $37.50; 10-25 employees $47.50; 26-99 employees $57.50; 100+ employees $87.50

For all but the business types listed below*, the total number of points possible is 783.  Here’s how the Tiers break down:

Tier Level         % of Points Needed       # of Points Needed
Platinum            80 - 100%                      626 - 783
Gold                  60 - 79%                        470 - 625
Silver                 40 - 59%                       313 - 469
Bronze               20 - 39%                       157 - 312
Pending               0 - 19%                           0 - 156

*Other Business Types

The following business types have extra green things that they can do and follow the same % scale as on the other page. If you qualify for these, we will email you a separate scoring sheet:

Auto Repair, Cleaning Services, Construction & Builders, Dentistry, Dry Cleaning, Florists, Food Services/Restaurants, Health Spa/Resorts, Hotels/ Hospitality/Lodging, Landscaping/Lawn care, Nursery/Greenhouse, Office Supplies Photography, Printing, Retail/Wholesale

If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to email:

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