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If You Receive a Code Violation Letter

The following instructions are provided to help you understand what to do and what you can expect after receiving a letter.

Understand the violations 

Be sure you understand what the violations are and what must be done to correct them.  Consider asking questions of your code officer so that you can move forward with compliance and correct the violations prior to the compliance date. The direct telephone number for your code officer is on the bottom of the letter that you received or you can call (305) 809-3740.

Know your compliance date 

Be sure you know the compliance date, which is the date by which you must correct the violations.  In most cases, you will be provided with 10 days after the letter is received to comply. For more serious health or safety issues, you may be granted only a few days.

If you need an extension of time 

If you find that you need to request an extension of time to correct the violations, contact your code officer immediately.

Report when compliance is achieved 

Contact your code officer immediately when you have corrected the violations.

Report you no longer own the property 

If you receive a letter for a property that you no longer own, contact the Code Compliance Department at (305) 809-3740 or the code officer listed on the letter. In some cases there can be a time gap from when a property is sold to when the property appraiser's data base is updated.

A Notice of Hearing must be treated seriously

If you have received a "Notice of Hearing" instructing you to appear before the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate, it is your responsibility to attend the hearing or to arrange to have an authorized representative appear on your behalf. If the representative you designate to attend the hearing is not your attorney or other legally recognized representative (such as the officer of a company that owns the property) the representative must present an Authorization to Represent to the Legal Analyst for the Special Magistrate, prior to the hearing.  The authorization must be an original notarized document.

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