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Comprehensive Plan

Key West 2013 Comprehensive Plan

The City's 2013 Comprehensive Plan was adopted March 5, 2013 and became effective May 2, 2013. The Comprehensive Plan is available through the adopted online Municipal Code available on the City of Key West website.


The City of Key West's Adopted Comprehensive Plan is the overarching policy document guiding the City's approach to growth management. Until the March 2013 adoption of the new Comprehensive Plan, the last major rewrite of the Plan was in 1993. Since then, the Plan has been amended six times. However, not until April 2008 were the text amendments incorporated into a single document called the 2008 Conformed Version of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Plan is not meant to be static. It is intended to be amended to reflect evolving community issues, acknowledge accomplishments and shortcomings and structure future efforts. However, under state law, the City was obligated to evaluate the status of the Plan and amend it based on what is known as "Evaluation and Appraisal Reports" or "EARs". These reports were completed by city staff and found to be sufficient by the state in 2005, and the second EAR was found in compliance by the state in 2007. Although the evaluation and appraisal processes were complete, the identified changes were never made to the actual Comprehensive Plan document. Because the amendments were past due--the first set was due in November 2006--the Comprehensive Plan was not allowed to be amended for any other purpose. As a result, the Plan become stagnant without being able to respond to community needs.

In order to bring the Plan into compliance, in 2011 the Planning Department began the first major update since 1993. The process took approximately two years including draft revisions, meetings with the public, transmittal, revisions and adoption timelines. This effort took place as part of a lively, meaningful dialog with the community and our appointed and elected leaders.

In addition to adopting the 2005 and 2007 EAR amendments into the Plan, the proposed Goals, Objectives and Policies that make up the Plan were also significantly revised based on new City studies and plans, such as the 2011 Strategic Plan, the 2012 Historic Structures Survey Report, the 2010 Climate Action Plan and the 2012 Stormwater Master Plan. The amendments also rely on 2012 Statewide Hurricane Evacuation Modeling workshop data, and the military installation coordination and compatibility amendments recently approved by the City Commission at first reading on March 20, 2012 and incorporated into the amended Plan documents.

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