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City of Key West Holiday Parade Application


  1. 1. Parade Application
  2. 2. Release and Indemnification Agreement
  3. 3. Media Information Form
  • Parade Application

    1. The City of Key West

      P.O. Box 1409

      Key West, FL  33041-1409

    2. Holiday Parade Application, 

      December 2, 2023, at 7 PM

    3. parade_reminder
    4. Disclosure:

      There will be a limit of 55 parade entrants allowed this year.  Supporting vehicles will be limited to five (5).  As an example, if you are part of a club such as the Miata or Jeep club, the limit for each club would be ten (10) vehicles. 

      Parade applications shall be submitted no later than Monday, November 21, 2023, at 4 PM.  The City Manager can accept or deny an application submitted after November 21, 2023, at 4 PM.

      • 1st Place - Mayor's Cup

      • 2nd Place - Vice-Mayor's Cup

      • 3rd Place - Commissioner's Cup

      • 4th Place - Honorable Mention

    6. Leave empty if no fax number.

    8. Describing the Theme of the Float will assist City staff in not placing similar-themed floats next to one another in the parade procession.

    9. Is this a Marching Group?

      Select which choice applies:

    10. Leave empty if not a Marching Group.

    11. Provide the total number of people in the group.

    12. Examples of Motorized Vehicles: Mopeds, Electric Bicycles, Razors, Golf Carts, Cars, etc.

    13. Will there be Music on the Float?*

      Select which choice applies:

    14. If Selected Yes to Music, Describe the Type?*

      Select which choice applies:

    15. Santa Claus will Appear on the Last Float in the Parade!


      Straight Rigs only, any length accepted, must be maneuverable; 15' Maximum Width; 12' Maximum Height from the Ground.

      Two Monitors per 15' of Entry Length to accompany Float.

      Non-Motorized Floats:

      Any length accepted but must be maneuverable; 15' Maximum Width; 12' Maximum Height from the Ground.

      All Floats must have a Fire Extinguisher.  No Live Fires or Refueling while on the Parade Route.