I need to repoint my historic masonry or brick building. What is required?

Repointing, also known as replacing mortar and pointing, is common maintenance needed for masonry buildings and structures. Properly done, repointing restores the visual and physical integrity of the masonry. Improperly done, repointing not only detracts from the appearance of the building, but may also cause physical damage to the masonry units themselves

When repointing is needed, the City will require an architect or engineer to prepare a report that includes a mortar analysis and a brick strength analysis. The new mortar should match the original mortar in strength, color, appearance, texture, and materials. The profile of the mortar joint is also important and will need to be replicated.

 Please refer to Preservation Brief 2: Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry  Buildings for more information.

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