When is a Certificate of Appropriateness required?

Section 102-152 of the Land Development Regulations states, “A Certificate of Appropriateness is required for the construction of any new structure, building, fence, deck or sign or the painting, repainting, repair, alteration, remodeling, landscaping or demolition of the exterior of any existing building, structure, fence, deck, sign, landscape, or lot.” Page 1 of the Historic Architectural Guidelines states that, “All exterior work must have HARC approval whether or not a building permit is required. If a building permit is required, the applicant shall obtain HARC approval prior to the issuance of the permit.”

The Guidelines also state that HARC approval must be secured on:

  • Repairs to buildings
  • Any painting and associated removal of existing paint
  • Restoration or rehabilitation of buildings
  • Additions to existing buildings
  • New construction
  • Fences, either new or replaced
  • Alterations to streets, sidewalks, or street furnishings
  • Installation of signs, awnings, benches or lighting
  • Construction of swimming pools and/or decks
  • Placement of temporary facilities such as vendor stands
  • Miscellaneous structures (i.e. towers, etc.)
  • Improvements of a right-of-way, public and private
  • Exposed utilities
  • Historic interior public spaces
  • Interiors or all property individually listed on the National Register

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