How many bikes will a rack carry?

Two or three bikes can be carried on the rack at any one time. Only 16-inch wheel bikes or larger, with a single seat and two wheels can be carried. Bikes with a permanent pannier or child carrier are too heavy and bulky for the racks. Key West Department of Transportation (KWDoT) bike racks will not accommodate electric bikes, mopeds, gas powered motor bikes of any kind, or tandem bicycles.

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1. How does the BOB program benefit customers?
2. How much does it cost a customer to bring their bike on the bus?
3. Is there an age requirement for using the bike rack?
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5. How many bikes will a rack carry?
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10. If there is an accident involving the bus and the bike rack, what action should the bus operator take?
11. If a bike is left on a bus, how can a customer claim it?