Why have a CERT in our community?

Keys residents are known for their eagerness and willingness to respond to tragic events and disasters. Many want to help, offer their services, and be a part of the solution. Yet in the middle of such an event there may be confusion as to where or how they can assist.

A CERT provides a well-organized structure, with effective communications, to help identify the scope of the incident, understand the plan and the logistical requirements, and deploy the team safely and efficiently.

The team does the following:

  • Identify ways to create neighborhood teams to help in an emergency
  • Find ways to incorporate citizen involvement in emergency response
  • Explore ways to get information to residents about the safety of their families in an emergency
  • Establish a business emergency response committee to plan coordinated assistance from business to the community

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1. What is CERT?
2. What does the CERT do?
3. Why have a CERT in our community?
4. How does CERT benefit the community?
5. What part do the CERT team members play?
6. Where do we find team members?
7. How will members of the team be trained?
8. Is it practical to train people just for disasters?
9. Do they really work as a team?
10. How are teams formed?
11. How do I sign-up for training or get more information?