Hurricane IAN is anticipated to pass west of Key West on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Construction materials and debris can cause significant damage if unsecured during high winds.
In preparation for storm weather conditions, the Building Department is requesting that contractors begin securing their work sites today with attention paid to the following:
• Identify vulnerable work in progress and determine how best to protect it and others from damage.
• Be prepared to remove, anchor, or restrain everything that could blow away, such as trash, lumber, port-a-potties, etc., that can become windblown hazards.
• Ensure that all construction debris is secured or placed in an on-site dumpster. If dumpsters are half or fuller, consider arranging to have them emptied.
• Where possible, ensure that your on-site dumpster is covered.
• If roofing materials are on site or will be delivered but won't be installed before storm weather conditions arrive, be prepared to secure them as weather conditions may warrant.
• Remove the permit yard cardboard and job site signage if warranted by weather conditions.
• Ensure that erosion control silt fencing is securely installed.
• Keep all swales clear.
We will continue monitoring the storm and provide additional information as needed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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