Staples Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

The Staples Pedestrian Bridge, crossed by people over seven thousand times each week, will be undergoing replacement in 2023. The current bridge, serving commuters, visitors, and residents along the Crosstown Greenway, is showing signs of decay and has reached the end of its useful life.StaplesBridge

The replacement bridge currently being designed will be constructed of aluminum, approximately the same height, and will be installed with consideration for the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Additional improvements include a design to make it easier for inexperienced cyclists.


The Staples Pedestrian Bridge was evaluated in 2022 and determined to be sound for non-motorized vehicle traffic. Due to the poor condition of the corroded steel elements, the bridge has been recommended for replacement.


Some elements of the existing bridge have shown to be challenging to novice bicyclists. The new design should address this concern from users while restricting cut-through motorized traffic. Design work for the new bridge began in mid-2022.


Construction of the new bridge is expected to begin in early to mid 2023. The replacement will require reconstructing the concrete abutments that support the bridge. The construction will be planned to proceed as quickly as possible to minimize the disruption to residents and commuters.  



Please check this page in the future for additional information and construction updates. We thank you for your patience during construction of this investment in our community.