What is Bulk Waste? How do I get it picked up?

Household furniture from home and yard is too large for a cart and can be picked up for no extra charge (up to 2-yards or about a pickup truck bed size).  Also, single items such as a toilet, sink, window, door, or pallet.   

Chargeable items are contractor-generated waste, large un-containerized yard waste, construction and demolition materials.  Up to 50 lbs. can be placed in a residential garbage cart; any more than 50lbs. requires a special pickup.

When setting out items, make sure to look up and do not set under power lines.  Also, do not lean on a fence or power pole and try not to block the sidewalk.

-All pickups must be scheduled for pickup before setting out.  Schedule a pickup with Waste Management by calling 305-296-8297 or online at www.KeyWestRecycles.com 

For chargeable items, you must get a quote from Waste Management for pickup or self-haul to the City of Key West Transfer Station at MM9.

Residential Solid Waste informative slide