A Community Vision Plan for Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square

The City is embarking on a Community Vision Plan for beautiful 

Sunset Celebration at Mallory

The City participated with the community gathering input on seating, shading, signage, lighting, landscaping, future uses, and refurbishments. The City received input and ideas through community meetings, surveys, and charrettes. collage of seating options for public places


Seating is an invitation for people to stay and enjoy their public environment; the weather, the views, the people, the happenings. The City aims to create more and better seating opportunities by looking for inspiration in the collage. Options Include Park Benches, Tables with Umbrellas, Moveable chairs, Landscaped berms, Seating Incorporated with Landscape/Hardscape.

Collage with shading options


Shading is an anchor, it keeps people cool, refreshed, and comfortable even in Key West's hottest days of summer. The City is reviewing all possible options to increase the shading at Mallory Square with options including Shade Trees / Landscaping, Sunshades / Shade Sails, Pavilions, and Sculptural Shade Structures.

collage of sign options for public places


Signage attracts, invokes a theme, creates anticipation, and transports you to a destination. Signage needs to be seen, whether it is on the ground, at eye level, in the sky, etc. The City hopes to add signage around the area to create a space, tell a story, and convey a message. The City wants public opinion on Banners, Archways, Directory Signage, Floor Signage, and Wayfinding Signage.

lighting collage


Lighting invokes a feeling, promotes safety, and encourages social behavior. The City is hoping to get comments on how to use light to create a sense of space, invite residents to come to the Historic Pier at all times of the day, and stay a while by utilizing:  String lighting,   Street Lamps, Landscaping Lighting, Ground Lighting, Lighting under docks, Bridges, and Underwater.


For more information on this project, contact city_harc@cityofkeywest-fl.gov or call 305-809-3973.