Endangered Species Habitats (FEMA List)

Certain parcels of land within the City of Key West were designated by the Courts as having the potential habitat for as many as three endangered species of animals or plants: Eastern Indigo Snake, Stock Island Tree Snail and Keys Tree Cactus. Once known as the "FEMA List," development permits for these parcels may require local review for endangered species habitat before permits may be issued. 

If development would affect such habitat, the City is required to refer the proposal to the United States Wildlife Service for review and approval.

Which lands affected? - Check the Parcel Status Map

Here's how the process works. Upon receipt of a development request for an affected parcel:

  • City staff
    • Confirm the parcel remains on the list of habitat concerns.
    • If so, which - or how many - of the three endangered species are listed as possibly having habitat upon this site.
    • Makes a determination - known as a Species Focus Area Assessment - that the development requested would:
      • Have "No Affect" and the request is cleared to proceed.
      • "Not Likely to Adversely Affect" any one or more of such habitats
        • City staff consult the assessment guide(s) for those identified species, and compare conditions to the relevant course of actions called for in those guides. May include a site visit by City staff.
        • Provide published protective measures for each affected species and require they be posted upon the site at a location visible to all working on the project.  
        • Have the property owner sign verification of receipt and agreement to implement habitat protective measures.
        • The development request is cleared to proceed with the protective measures in-place.
      • "May Affect"
      • The development request is referred to the US Wildlife Service for review and approval.
  • The United States Wildlife Service requires the City give such Applicants a "Free Roaming Cats" brochure. There's no requirement the Applicant do anything with this brochure, only that the City provide it. 

Endangered Species Habitats